Friday, 13 May 2016

beyond sweet 16

syukur Alhamdulillah, for such
a perfect sweet and full of surprises 16!
Its been a tiring week at first,
but Masha Allah, it were all
worth the pain and exhaustion.

Never have I thought that my 16th
birthday would turn out to be
amazing day, and
was still celebrated so happily.
with all the loved ones of mine.

plus, all of the surprises!
and presents I received,
damn satisfying.

could never find the right
words to describe how
how blessed I am for this
extraordinary life.

was told to be prepared by 1230,
by the loml, h.

end up, he picked me up late!
30 freaking minutes late.
he drove us to the curve and
yay. dip n dip! have been
craved for it for months
and finally!

was super shocked to see them girls
were right there, with balloons.
full of patience, waiting.

and taraaaa, all the songs
and wishes and foods
and drinks. oh what did I
ever do to deserve this?

and came home to
bunch of family members,
from both sides.
with cakes, and presents!
and FOODS!

and today, 
h's mum gave me a call
to lend me some "things" as for her.
so I did met her,
just now.
and guess what?
Another flower for me hehe <3

Syukur Alhamdulillah, again
Thank u all, for everything
May Allah always bless us all,
forever together,
in peace and joy.
unexpected, all err-thang 


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