Sunday, 28 January 2018


10:43 a.m
waking up feeling useless has been a normal thing to me.
I thought by being kind could save lives. The truth is, honesty is the best policy. No matter how hard it is to say the truth. It is harder to handle when you’re screwed.
I thought by lying to myself could save a relationship. The conclusion is, be brave with all you got.
No matter how meaningful someone is to you, love and rescue yourself first.
I thought by acting innocent could be the innocent one. The fact is, when you’re wrong, you’re still wrong and its your duty to take every responsibility, no matter how suffer will you get.
I thought that risking my life would make things easy and less hurt. The answer is, the easier way to heal the pain was to make a change in yourself.
I thought that by begging someone not to leave could change the decision. The solution is, if you want something, you give them what they want.
give and take. is the key. to an everlasting relationship.
If you cannot commit to a faithful person, dont take too long to stay.

Friday, 20 May 2016

perfectly ecstatic

syukur Alhamdulillah
for the never ending
happiness and love, sayang

couldnt possibly tell u how
perfectly contented am I

love love love
how lovely u hold me in ur arms
how adorably annoying
u annoy me
beyond contented sayang

wonderful how happy I am
to see how cheerful u are

may we eternally stay
this way and gets
even better, happier
successful, and
more understanding
than we are, someday.

forever to go, my hansome
charming naughty
all in one man?

Friday, 13 May 2016

beyond sweet 16

syukur Alhamdulillah, for such
a perfect sweet and full of surprises 16!
Its been a tiring week at first,
but Masha Allah, it were all
worth the pain and exhaustion.

Never have I thought that my 16th
birthday would turn out to be
amazing day, and
was still celebrated so happily.
with all the loved ones of mine.

plus, all of the surprises!
and presents I received,
damn satisfying.

could never find the right
words to describe how
how blessed I am for this
extraordinary life.

was told to be prepared by 1230,
by the loml, h.

end up, he picked me up late!
30 freaking minutes late.
he drove us to the curve and
yay. dip n dip! have been
craved for it for months
and finally!

was super shocked to see them girls
were right there, with balloons.
full of patience, waiting.

and taraaaa, all the songs
and wishes and foods
and drinks. oh what did I
ever do to deserve this?

and came home to
bunch of family members,
from both sides.
with cakes, and presents!
and FOODS!

and today, 
h's mum gave me a call
to lend me some "things" as for her.
so I did met her,
just now.
and guess what?
Another flower for me hehe <3

Syukur Alhamdulillah, again
Thank u all, for everything
May Allah always bless us all,
forever together,
in peace and joy.
unexpected, all err-thang 


Friday, 6 May 2016

dreams or goals

what should i call them?
is it some kind of a goal?
or a dream?
is it about just having a target?
or setting your goals?
or pursuing your dreams?

Friday, 29 April 2016

eternally lucky

Hey there charming, 

If u ever wonder how much I love u, wonder no more my man. 
On how entirely u trust actions way better than words,
that's as equal as how badly I wanna prove u that I meant everything I say.

remember the word "my happy pill"? 
U were as if the pills that kept me happy, 
along the way.
u're the reason of my happy.

have u ever heard the idea of beyond contented before?
or perhaps beyond delighted?

well thats how I felt to have u in my life.
It were all as if I was the cheerful baby after getting her milk from mum.
yea, I was the baby. and u were the mum
that gave me energy to live

truth be told, u were just, magical.
every now and then, sayang.

I was nothing without ur existence, haziq,
I was lost and nowhere to be found, without u around.

and also, u're my favourite view.
I was looking at u, and my heart
loves the view.

every single time u're right in front of me,
I was never not amazed, 
on how insanely charming, 
freaking handsome
and smoking hot u were,
and incredibly still are. 

u're one hell of a gorgeous mankind, love
that I would capture u with my eyes,
to be kept in my gallery's mind
If I could.

& your voice ugh
hands down the sex to my ears, sayang

whenever I hear the sound of ur laugh,
giggles, and manja naughty tone
god damn such a reliever.

stress mana pun I, lepas dengar ur voice,
the pressure disappears.
thats how heavenly favourable ur voice is.

and man, ur thoughts,
are very one of a kind. 
I would never know that u would think it that way
and believe it or not,
u always left me speechless, all the time.

Dashing how u are very mature but
playful as heck
sampai habis i kena sakat!
Masha Allah haziq,
tengok ur pictures in school,
dengan tatap muka u yang sekarang,
Allah je tahu how dah besarnya u.
Stop growing so tall
and so fast, sweetheart. 

but sayang, I can never imagine how would my soul be like,
without ur guidance, 
supports, advices, affection
and attention.

guess I can never survive life without u sayang.

and oh god,
I'm perfectly blessed on how lovely 
ur mum was to me.

She was so open-minded
and the modern stylish young lady
That she doesnt even look like a mum???

she dresses up so stunningly!

oh how beautifully wonderful
the feeling of getting closer to her
as the day goes by, is.
She sums up my life, sayang.

felt so luckily happy to have supportive
another mama to be :')

out of all the mums yang i kenal,
ur mum is my fav. and my number #1
and of course, my priority. 

Loving her as much as I love u. 
no amount of money would be enough  
to thank her for such a boy she gave birth to.

There's not another man in the world that
I could be bad for, sayang.
and all that I ever wanted u to know was
I love u more than even the most heartfelt words can express.

I pray for more happy and fun adventures, 
holidays, events and years more to go, haziq.

may we last long and everlasting, dunia and Akhirat <3

u're all that truly matters to me sayang.

& totally yours

beyond contented

have never felt any
and overall, any better before.

for all the months that I have not been updating,
all that I felt were entirely bliss.

as usual, whats life?
without storms and heavy rains

and whats happiness?
without pressure
and of course, 
mental breakdown

by all means, 
they were the baby steps.

In every words, 
patience are the key
to indescribable feeling,
like joy,
and heartfelt warmth,
as the reward.

stay always strong, 
and forever have faith 
in whatever happens, 

and how'd u face it,
is how u'd want it to end like.

be true to yourself.
you are forever
& always 
the only one,
who deserves u.
for who u are.
way better than
anyone could ever

and in my case,
Syukur Alhamdulillah
for every blessings.

I'm beyond contented, ya Rabb