Sunday, 28 January 2018


10:43 a.m
waking up feeling useless has been a normal thing to me.
I thought by being kind could save lives. The truth is, honesty is the best policy. No matter how hard it is to say the truth. It is harder to handle when you’re screwed.
I thought by lying to myself could save a relationship. The conclusion is, be brave with all you got.
No matter how meaningful someone is to you, love and rescue yourself first.
I thought by acting innocent could be the innocent one. The fact is, when you’re wrong, you’re still wrong and its your duty to take every responsibility, no matter how suffer will you get.
I thought that risking my life would make things easy and less hurt. The answer is, the easier way to heal the pain was to make a change in yourself.
I thought that by begging someone not to leave could change the decision. The solution is, if you want something, you give them what they want.
give and take. is the key. to an everlasting relationship.
If you cannot commit to a faithful person, dont take too long to stay.

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