Wednesday, 5 August 2015


he is just in need of his time on his own. 
he is just in need of space of his own. 

but he could have just tell.
talk to me. and be honest
what did i do wrong?
why is it so complicated,

does it really have to be this way? 

is it?

He might be not needing me now, 
but I need him,
more than I think I do 
better than I know I do

I need him, with me
right here,
I need him, I need him
and I need him
Its not like I can't do this alone
Its just that he's all I ever needed.
In every, way.
In every, language.
every, time.

We're seriously need our time of our own.
I'm weak without you. 
I'm nothing with no you. 
I'm not me, if I'm not with you. 
I'm you, and you're me. 
I'm me when I have you. 

Come back, i need you
Take your time and please, 
Come back, sayang. 
I'm begging. 
I'm hurting, because of you
and the cure is all about you. 
you. I want you. you

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