Friday, 31 July 2015

love, sucks

love, sucks
when you can't ever make things right, back on the track. 
when there's only the one sided out of the two of you who's trying her ass off to put things back the way it used to be. 

love sucks, 
when you're out of control,
overthinking things.
when you're out of words, 
and not knowing what to do
what to say. 
that sucks, hell sucks.

love, sucks 
when you've almost done your all, 
and still, you just couldn't make it right, 
This sucks. 
especially when you're confidently felt like you know him, 
but guess, he's different now, 
he's growing up perhaps? 
so no, the him last month
are beyond different, 

love, actually feels great
people who don't appreciate love, 

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