Monday, 15 June 2015


June 15th
everything that i see, were so unclear. 
I thought it were the eyes
the watery, loaded eyes. 
but no, it was the weather.

no sunrise could be seen, 
not here, 
not there. 
even near the sky,
it is so nowhere to be seen.

tick tock, tick tock
a gloomy day it was,
when the blue typical sky 
turns to very unusual grey

also the clouds that can be seen
were looking so marshmallow
puffy and tasty

where we can almost
reach and eat and burp it, up

rainy day, 
cold and windy
as if living in an igloo
with ice cubes
all over the place 
with the front door 
along with the windows, open. 

cloudy day,
where the day, were very grey
due to the clouds
that blocked the sun 
from shining, like the every days. 

where the citizens, 
could not tell how perfect
the weather is 
to just lazy around 
and be on bed.

where the playground, 
was very lonely, 
and the roads were very busy. 
with no kids going outside of the house, 
but drivers stuck in the congested traffic.

rushing their way back home, 
with the cold and grey weather. 

hoping that they have arrived their 
home sweet love, 
sooner than they did. 

and the night, 
with no ordinary sunsets, 
and became darker
and colder. 
colder than the heart 
of mine. 

and right here, 
I am, laying on bed, 
being thankful
for the goddamn weather. 

kinda missing the sunny days,
but liking the rainy here.

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