Monday, 15 June 2015

what to write about?

what to write about? 
when you don't even know how to feel anymore. 
and yea, what to feel? 

slowly losing the idea, of how to react over something. and even to feel about it

the feels. at nights where you'll feel useless, as f. where there's only you who got your back. 

the night where you wish for nothing else but, someone to talk to.

because suddenly, it turns out to be so lonely. and dull

your life, became dull.
     in just a blink of an eye
for all of a sudden
      from blue to grey.

...and that might also, drags you here

Its already 01:43 a.m. 
and youre still stuck here
writing about what to feel
and how are you feeling

therefore you have class
to attend, early in the morning, 
and it is just the next few hours away? 

what to write about? 

when you completely feel nothing,

regarding what had happened to you,
about what has life brought to you, 

the problems you're facing even,
you're handling it, 
as if you're out of control

you've had enough. 

and you're tired, as hell. 
to even give a single damn
about the things 
that actually
revolves around you. 

once again, 
what to write about? 


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