Friday, 12 June 2015

they only, come. and go

one minute, you're with her.
and the other minute...

you're talking to them.

people come. and go
      and feelings, change. 
just like the seasons.
      sunny summer autumn winter

that is what we called, life. 
make friends, like a lot of them. and you'll be judged. 

you'll get asked.

but nah, they were so wrong about the whole damn thing. 

just as long as you're fine with it, 
why would you fucking bother about them? 

judgemental people, uh-huh
you'll get judged eventually, at the end of the day. 

so just do it your way. 
even on the day you'll be bury deep down inside, its never going to turn out to be them who'll be there laying next to you. and keeping you accompany

its only freaking you, yourself. alone
you're the priority. 
you also come and go. 

you may had a great convo with her last night.
and can still ended up arguing this 
afternoon, for some reasons.

Thats just how life really is. 

they'll be here.
and talk for sure.
so whats the big deal?
they'll leave anyway. 

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